Allowing everyone to enjoy a variety of unbelievably tasty PREP MEALS. 

Great carb and protein combinations that everyone can enjoy.

Hi, we are Valeria and Jose

Independent personal trainers and founders of Easy Life Meals

We love to see people improving themselves and smiling after a workout. 

Our goal is to put fresh and healthy prep meals a click away. We believe that eating healthy and delicious doesn’t have to be impossible. And we make it easy for you.

A year ago, we decided to start this journey. Cooking for ourselves and posting it on social media got a lot of people interested. So we started doing it for people around our social circle.

Now, we have our online store where you can easily pick and customize our meal prep options. We enjoy training and eating well, and we want you to feel the same way. We would love to cook your meals next!


And I’m a personal trainer focused on legs and glutes. I help you to transform your gym routine into your favorite activity. My goal is to see you empowered and happy with your results. 

Before being a trainer, I studied culinary arts at Colombia. I had always been interest for nutrition and I started to experiment with my knowledge. Now I have the opportunity to help you to improve your health moving your body and learning how to take care of it. Currently training people at Barbell Athletic.

Want me to train you?



Want me to train you?


I’ve been in the fitness industry For 17 years I started has a personal trainer 8 years ago working for a commercial gym. My job was to educate people to have a healthier lifestyle not just with exercising but also with food.

I started cooking healthy meals for some clients 7 years ago since they didn’t have the time to cook at home or it was too complicated to follow step by step. After I had a few clients the word kept spreading due to the delicious flavor my healthy meals had.

I opened my first gym back in 2019 and decided to focus on growing my clientele for the gym.In 2021 I decided to start cooking again after my gym was successfully completed, I ended up reaching out to Valeria about starting a new meal prep business. We both agreed and started to cook meals after meals for my members at the gym.

The demand was huge so the next step was to transfer into a commercial kitchen and here we are after building easy life.




Our adorable dog

We will continue to bring great flavors to our healthy meals to help you reach those fitness goals.

We are thankful for all the friends and family who been supportive since day 1


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